This Municipality in its beginning stage was constituted as Notified Area Council vide Government Notification No-2648/HUD dt.8.5.1960 having 21 wards covering 22 Revenue villages with total area of 30.72 Sq.Kms. subsequently, it has been declared as Municipality by the Government of Odisha, Housing & Urban Development Department vide their Notification No- 18978/HUD dt.23.5.1988. Now the Municipality comprises of 30-wards covering the 22 nos. of Revenue villages with total area of 30.72sq.Kms.
                        The area of the Municipality ranges towards north upto Kantapal Village (ward No.-4) i.e. beyond Charampa Bazar to a distance of 5Kms from the Headquarter towards East to the distance of 5Kms upto Haladidiha by pass(ward No.-25) towards south to distance of 2-Kms up to end of village Apartibindha (ward No.-12)and towards west to a distance of 3-Kms upto the end of Bagurai Check Gate (ward No.-8). The South Eastern Railway has touched the western part of the Municipality. The Nh-5 has passed through the Municipality areas. The Salandi River also flows from West to East in the Municipality area.Read More>

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